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Hand-poured in Montecito, California with only the finest and most luxurious candle waxes; Bayberry, Organic Rice, and Beeswax. Our cotton, hemp or wood wicks insure a clean and delightful, long-burn. Most of our vessels, tapers and pillars are embedded with local sea glass creating a lasting keepsake; cherished long-after the life of your candle.


Offering a rainbow of lavishly created colors with only REACH registered, renewable colorants; free of Proposition 65 ingredients, parabens, phthalates, and are cruelty-free. In addition, we accent some of our candles with ethically sourced, cosmetic-grade mica from the USA!


Pamper yourself with our luscious candle scents; infused with only certified, organic essential oils and/or safe scents that are free of carcinogens, mutagens; reproductive and organ toxins. In addition, our scents are phthalate-free and free of Proposition 65 ingredients.


Many of our candle vessels are poured with repurposed wine bottles, stoneware and other jars that are candle safe. We pride ourselves in reducing waste by offering a discount to customers that provide us with refillable and/or reuseable vessels. In addition, when you attend one of our shows, you will find many one-of-a-kind repurposed vessels. Please note, not all vessels are safe or able to be repurposed as candles.

Why We Pour Only Bayberry, Beeswax and Organic Rice Wax...

Welcome to the American Riviera!

"I love Santa Barbara coastal candles! They have such high quality wax and the scents are amazing. I have a different scent in each room to set the vibe or switch them around depending on my mood. The mica inside adds a gorgeous shimmery effect when they burn!"

-Elle (Los Angeles)

"Santa Barbara Coastal Candles make such gorgeous, high quality candles and are so quintessentially Santa Barbaran, especially with the sea glass. Each candle is unique and beautifully made; you can tell that a lot of heart went into crafting each one and they don’t disappoint. They last forever (don’t be fooled by their size), and burn clean as well. Their scents are also incredible: Garden by the Sea and Channel Island Mist are refreshing and divine, and I can’t live without Eucalyptus Lane!"

Angie (Santa Barbara)

"The scents on these candles are not to be believed! Check out this family owned candle business".

Lazy Days and Sundays (Fullerton, CA)

"Hello, my name is Carole in Kansas City, KS. If you are wanting candles with such a unique blend of color and fragrance, then you'll fall in love with these Santa Barbara Coastal Candles.  I've enjoyed many, and although difficult to choose, a couple of my very favorites are, Summerland Citrus, and Botanic Garden.  So, treat yourself, they are truly amazing works of art".

Carole (Kansas City, KS)

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice

Atwater Farmer's Market

Santa Barbara Promenade Market

Cambria Christmas Market